Who’s Teaching This?….Energy Efficiency?

Ultimately whose responsibility is this? Is it the parents, caregivers, the education system? All of the above?

We are over worked, exhausted, and when we come home from work, who really puts in the effort? We are just trying to make it through homework and dinner.

I ask as a parent, do you seek out opportunities to teach your children about elements within the home that can save $? Do we consciously think about doing our laundry before 11:00 am or after 6:00pm?

Recycling is now embedded into our society as the right thing to do, because it keeps items out of landfills and it is repurposing items that would normally need to be manufactured again. Did you know recycling also saves energy?

How can we embed energy efficiency into our society as the right thing to do?

We need to think about it as “free.” A complementary service, like recycling, that we “OWN.” Instead of having to go out and “buy” something to put in your home to make you more efficient; think about it this way; it doesn’t cost you money to turn off the light, it don’t cost you money to turn up your AC a few degrees, and it doesn’t cost you to run your dishwasher and washing machine before 11:00 am or after 6:00 pm (peak rates). Maybe the utility companies should start giving us smiley faces for a job well done, because navigating our bills may not necessary reflect the effort we put in on a daily basis.

Here are some ways that are free to get the kids involved;

1. Think about using brightly colored post it notes on the light switches reminding to turn off the lights
2. Those same post it notes can be used on our dishwashers and washing machines – write down; use after 6:00pm and cold water
a. Get the kids involved by putting the notes on the clocks; and have them check the time; they can be our best alarm clock.
3. This about putting a large note of the refrigerator to open and choose your food and drink quickly then shut the door tight.
4. Turn off the coffee maker
5. Unplug the toaster & the phone charger

Incorporate conscious reminders into your busy life.post-it


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