School is in full swing, check out some lunch survival ideas.

School is in full swing! Lunch ideas can be frustrating and expensive ~ so here is a super hero of a lunch list for kids, tweens, teens and adults.

Give these lunch ideas a try ~ we have even ranked them by energy intensity!

Sandwiches made with:
◦ Pita Bread (kW approved)
◦ Tortillas – (corn or Flour) (kW approved)
◦ Bacon Tortillas
◦ Bagels (kW approved)
◦ English Muffins
◦ Dinner Rolls
◦ French or Italian Bread (kW approved)
◦ Crackers (kW approved)
◦ Raisin Bread
◦ Croissants
◦ Biscuits
◦ Sub Rolls (kW approved)

Sandwich Filling Ideas:

◦ BLT’s (Or Bean LT’s)
◦ Cheese Whiz & Deli Meat (kW approved)
◦ Cucumber Slices with a dash of salt & pepper (kW approved)
◦ Eggs 18 different egg salad variations (kw logo – cook many eggs at a time verses the two-three needed for recipe)
◦ Ham- sliced, or diced in ham salad, finely chopped with onions, celery mayo- or olives (kW approved)
◦ Cheeses (kW approved)
◦ Chicken Salad
◦ Cold Cuts, Various (kW approved)
◦ Grilled Chicken (leftover from previous nights dinner) with Apple Slices (or Homemade Chunky Applesauce) (kW approved – because you are using memories from previous nights dinner)
◦ Hummus (kW approved)
◦ Peanut Butter & Dill Pickles (kW approved)
◦ Peanut Butter & Banana Slices (kW approved)
◦ PB & Jelly, or Fluff (kW approved)
◦ Pot Roast Sandwiches (kW approved – previous nights dinner)
◦ Salmon Salad (kW approved – previous nights dinner)
◦ Tuna- add variations to tuna salad- finely diced onions & celery or grapes cut in half
◦ Turkey, sliced, or chunk in turkey salad, again add cumin or grape halves, mango pieces, etc for variation

Make your own “Lunchable” style lunches:

• Combine crackers, different types of cheese, sandwich meats in a tupperware or other sectioned container (kW approved)
◦ Veggies or Fruit- pre-cut into cubes or coins (kW approved)
◦ Left-over Dinner – such as Meatloaf Sandwiches, Cucumber Sandwiches
◦ For younger kids, to make the sandwiches more appealing use cookie cutters to cut them into shapes, triangles, or mini squares.
◦ Tortillas spread with Fruit Butter and rolled up (kW approved)
◦ Dried Fruits (kW approved) (or homemade fruit rolls)
◦ Unsalted nuts (kW approved)

Hot Lunch Ideas:

Fill a Thermos with something warm. These are not necessarily energy efficient, but we are huge advocates of sending love from our kitchens to school with our children.

Baked Beans
◦ Soups- any & all!
◦ Chop Suey
◦ Pasta’s (Even Mac & Cheese)
◦ Stir-Fry’s
◦ Chili
◦ Rice-
◦ Ramen Noodle Soup

Make it Special! Download our Super Hero Cut Outs to include in their lunches!

  • “Thanks for your help last night with dishes”
  • ” Thanks for being a great kid”
  • “You look wonderful today”
  • “Have a great day!”
  • “You are my Super Hero!”

Decorate their bag with stickers! Our cut outs can easily be printed on sticker paper through your printer.

Make it a Surprise Plate! These are little items they didn’t know about, but are fun to eat, such as ants on a log.

Cold Lunch Ideas:

◦ Yogurt – freeze some of these tubes, viola! (kW approved)
◦ Hard Boiled Eggs
◦ Juice Bags – just what is says, put juice in a Ziploc, freeze, put in lunch with straw!! (kW approved)
◦ Muffins: Any kind (make’m, wrap’em in saran wrap & freeze’m, they reheat in the micro in 15-20 seconds) or thaw in a lunch bag by lunchtime
◦ Fruit & Yogurt Parfait- layer yogurt, then slices of fruit or berries, more yogurt in a 1 c. container. Cover. These freeze great and with slowly thaw by lunchtime. (kW approved)
◦ Fruit Dips & chunks of melon, pineapples, apples, etc (kW approved)
◦ Grilled Veggies
◦ Pasta Salads- add cubed cheese or ham for variety
◦ Make Freezer Packs or Freeze kids Juice Boxes to keep items cold until lunch. (kW approved)
◦ Salads with lunch meat cut into slices, cheese (kW approved)
◦ Cottage Cheese with Fruit Slices or Berries (kW approved)
◦ Cereal Yogurt Bars
◦ Autumn Apple Bars
◦ Honey Crunch Granola Bars
◦ Chewy Granola Bars

Lastly: Did you know that when you bake in a glass dish verses an aluminum pan; you can reduce your temperature by 25 degrees?


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