Benefits of Protein for Weight Loss

It’s almost another vacation. You are busy keeping agendas packed and enjoying the outdoors whenever possible. And whether you have kids or not, your time can be very busy. But don’t let yourself go without eating for long periods of time or skipping meals altogether. This can cause spikes in insulin production in the body and an opportunity for weight gain. Keeping protein snacks on hand is key to weight loss. Whether you throw a protein bar or a bag of almonds in your bag, it will be a great go to while on the go!

What are the Top 4 Reasons why Protein can be beneficial to weight loss?

1. Fullness- Protein can keep you satiated for longer periods of time
2. Increased metabolic rate (The “Thermic Effect” explains how your body burns different macronutrients at different rates. The body burns less calories when digesting carbohydrates and fats verses protein.)
3. Helps to build muscle (There is less lean muscle loss because your body isn’t taking protein from muscle in your body)
4. Levels blood sugar or insulin production in the body (Your body uses sugars for energy instead of storing them as fat)

By: Naturally Fit with Christie (Follow Christie on Instagram @naturally_fit_sd)


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