Empowering The Next Generation of Energy Superheroes, Women Owned, Kill-a-watt Kimmie is Doing Just That Through Literacy

There is a new superhero joining the ranks. Kill-a-watt Kimmie is igniting a new generation of energy superheroes with her fashionable, cheeky humorous view on saving the environment.

Killawatt Kimmie is the brain child of Kimberley Wallace, founder of kW Sustainable Brands. “I wanted to create a character that infused glamour and humor and was a bit cheeky to make saving earth’s resources cool. And born was, Killawatt Kimmie,” said Kimberley Wallace. “Early on in my energy career, I was nicknamed kilowatt, given my initials are KW, that evolved into the character that I brought to graphic life.”img_2187

Why make learning so complicated? Killawatt Kimmie and her Crew tackle complex topics like energy efficiency, sun and water conservation, by making them fun, trendy and engaging. Kimberley’s latest book: Killawatt Kimmmie Superheroes and Villains is an introduction to the latest additions to Kimmie’s Krew. It is filled with coloring doodles for both the young and not so young to enjoy.

You’ll get to know Klean Water Abbie, Lecton Lexi, Carbon Connor, Lumen Aarys as well as Vampower, Consumption King and many more cast of characters.

Killawatt Kimmie Superheroes and Villains latest book is a designed for both kids and adults.  We are excited to announce the you can purchase our latest book on Amazon, Kindle and iTunes.

img_2368-1In celebration of Earth Week, 25% of all proceeds will be donated to two different charitable organizations; animal rescue and local Earth Day organizations. Keeping donations local provides a great impact for our society.



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