Your Building Optimized

Building Optimization

Your Building Optimized



Why persistence retrocomissioning is so important in building optimization.
Let’s start with, okay so you have commissioned your building and you are seeing the 5-20% savings happening!! Yeah! Whoot!
The first 6 months are great! Then slowly your team has shifted focus, maybe they are not paying as much attention as they were before. Then the savings that you work so hard to achieve are slowly disappearing, taking your building backwards to before you commissioned it. Not good.
It has been a waste. This is what we call “the facility buy in.” This is so important, even before you start down the RCx path; make sure your team and the supporting cast of characters is on board. It HAS to be a corporate culture thought process.
Be prepared because tracking the persistence of retrocommissioning is a long-term process but the outcome is the successful operation and improvement of building systems. Building optimization and retrocommissioning has four paths to success;
  • the people;
  • the process;
  • the hardware and;
  • the software.

    Building a team

It provides data on how efficiently your buildings are operating all the way down to the comfort level of the occupants.

Building mechanical and electrical systems are complex. The control systems can begin to fail or operate inefficiently without you knowing it. Sensors can fail or may drift out of calibration, building changes constantly, and reprogramming control sequences effect how well all of the systems work together. Anyone of the mentioned scenarios will result in increased energy costs and occupant complaints.

We are all working at full capacity and none of us have much time for anything outside our day to day responsibilities. This is where automating the RCx energy savings measures comes in very handy. There are a number of programs in the market, some more robust that others, to monitor your facility and alarming capabilities.

Mountain of data

Persistence tracking is taking a very proactive role in achieving tenant/occupant comfort and not jeopardize your facilities energy performance.

There is also the mountain of data that is produced through persistence tracking. This data provides an incredible history on every asset onsite and is critical in diagnosing problems and solutions. There is a step by step methodology for tracking, analyzing, diagnosing, and resolving issues with heating, ventilation, lighting systems and air conditioning (HVAC). A study was conducted by the California Commissioning Collaborative and the result was “The Building Performance Tracking Handbook.”

In closing, be that industry leader; be on the cutting edge of technology that will help you retain the best tenants and enhance your NOI. Interview many technologies and find

Change maker

that open protocol system that will not only give you the tools you need for building optimization, but the freedom to choose the right provider.


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