Simple Self Care Daily Reminders

Learned basic healthy habits early on in life lead to natural continued self care throughout adulthood. 


Our Dog Has MCT, Now What?

The dreaded C word! It’s a bump, that I thought was a spider or mosquito bite, not realizing that this could be a life threatening disease for our rescue.

15 Awesome Benefits of Watermelon

Superfood watermelon and the many health benefits. Pick up some today for lunch or dinner BUT definitely something to give the kiddo’s for a snack!

How Simple Conservation Actions Make a Big Difference

Small Water Conservation Actions Can Lead to Big Savings

Spring is upon us and soon summer water rates will be here. We thought we would put together some simple ideas to help you save some H2O. 

Don’t let drips in your life impact your wallet.

Did You Know?

Americans spend more than 90% of their time indoors? How’s that indoor air quality?

Who’s Got Their Weekend Glam Going On?! We Do!

Ok its the weekend. What glam thing are you doing for yourself this weekend? Remember self care!!!!! If you can’t thing of anything, we’ve provided a list of self care ideas to recharge your battery.