Simple Self Care Daily Reminders

We all get so busy, work, school, activities, etc that I created this as a simple reminder for my daughter. Learned basic healthy habits early on in life lead to natural continued self care throughout adulthood.

I printed it out and placed it in a picture frame, so it was glamorous, and it serves as a reminder everyday for her to get into healthy self-care habits.

We have also compiled some of our favorite chemical free products to help the self care routine. As a simple mom, I will only supply my readers with the BEST value for the money. I live on a budget just like you, but I want to make sure my family is using the best chemical free products we can.

Here is our preferred list this month;

Super Soft Recycled Plastic ToothbrushAlba Face & Body Scrub, Alba Sea Kelp Facial Toner, Jason Natural Body Wash, Organic Coconut Oil.

We included coconut oil because it makes a fantastic base for your face scrub, plus a night time moisturizer. My lighter and I are going to try and make a whipped sugar scrub with coconut oil this weekend, I will let you know how it turns out!

You can download the full pdf to print here.


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