Take What You Need

Take what you need


7 Simple Steps to Become a More Pulled Together Person

Planning is key to my success and I thought I would share some of the things I do weekly & daily to help streamline my life person and business. As a single mom, business owner and philanthropist. It’s tough to keep it all in check. It took me years to figure out a system that…

Succulent Planter Thank You Gift

Its the end of the school year and what to do for the wonderful teachers? I don’t have a money tree in my backyard, so lots of gift cards are just not an option.My daughter and I came up with this idea as a that you and it’s budget friendly!

Our Products Come to Life

Originally posted on Sustainably Speaking:
We are so excited to be launching our first subscription box centered around our best selling book, Killawatt Kimmie Superheroes and Villains. Our Krew has been busy at work creating, honestly the best kids experience delivered to your front door, hands down. When you join our subscription box, you’ll receive…

Our Dog Has MCT, Now What?

The dreaded C word! It’s a bump, that I thought was a spider or mosquito bite, not realizing that this could be a life threatening disease for our rescue.

15 Awesome Benefits of Watermelon

Superfood watermelon and the many health benefits. Pick up some today for lunch or dinner BUT definitely something to give the kiddo’s for a snack!

How Simple Conservation Actions Make a Big Difference

Small Water Conservation Actions Can Lead to Big Savings

Spring is upon us and soon summer water rates will be here. We thought we would put together some simple ideas to help you save some H2O. 

Don’t let drips in your life impact your wallet.